• What is Cryptocurrency? And Why Should You Care?

    There will be no one who has not heard of Bitcoin and Ethereum at least once. You may have also heard of people making huge amounts through cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is not a new term in the financial sector. Cryptocurrencies mainly focus on overcoming all the issues of conventional currencies by transferring responsibility and power to the hands of the currency holder.

    Why should you care about cryptocurrencies?

    A cryptocurrency can be considered money in a digital form, which is considered to be a more secure and safe exchange medium. The most attractive feature of cryptocurrencies is that the transactions in the crypto network are irreversible, public, and unhackable. The currencies will be fully controlled by the users, which makes digital finances more secure. However, investors must be vigilant about the changes and trends taking place in the crypto market. They may click here to find the latest updates in the crypto space.

    Here are some other benefits of cryptocurrencies that have to be considered.

    • Everybody becomes the owner

    The functioning of a cryptocurrency is similar to that of all the national, traditional currencies with some basic differences. Fiat currencies are made and regulated by a nation’s government authorities and it denotes debt. People who own a nation’s fiat currency get an IOU that is issued by the country. Cryptocurrency does not represent debt and completely denotes itself. The value of the cryptocurrency will be determined by the person who is ready to trade them. Trading cryptocurrency has also become easier and hassle-free with trading bots like chain reaction. This AI-powered trading bot executes trades on the traders’ behalf based on market trends. The decentralization of cryptocurrency plays a vital role in the value of the currency.

    • Impossible to create

    Cryptocurrency is powered by blockchain technology, which is a distributed ledger. Good knowledge of blockchain technology will help you to understand the strength of the digital currency. Each block will contain encrypted data and the chain serves as the public database that stores the blocks. There will be a unique code, known as a hash, for all the blocks in the chain which differentiates them from each other. The blocks will be added chronologically.

    • Confidential transactions

    Confidential transactions using fiat currencies can be done only in physical form. Large transactions will be controlled by third parties like governmental authorities or banks. Cryptocurrencies depend on math to monitor the transactions between people or companies and the transactions mostly are anonymous. The transaction list or the ledger is public and can be viewed from anywhere in the world. Cryptocurrencies are stored in digital wallets and the wallet’s private key will be handled by the owner.

    • Security keeps on increasing

    Manipulation or hacking of cryptocurrencies requires a lot of money and power. Therefore, hackers are not interested in crypto hacking. To hack a crypto network, the hacker will need access to more than 50% of the total computers in the consensus network, which includes the computers that get the copies of ledgers or blockchain. The networks of popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Blockchain are huge, which makes hacking impossible. In the initial cryptocurrency days, hacking was easier as the network was smaller. Therefore, it is easy for investors to choose cryptocurrencies that have a huge network. When the network is small, the cryptocurrency becomes more vulnerable.